About the Artist

While living in a large urban city of Berlin, Germany in the early 70’s, the thought of moving across the world to an isolated community of Fairbanks, Alaska to attend college appealed to  my sense of adventure. My husband was being released from the Army   and we could go anywhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                      When the Alaska pipeline construction boom started two years later, we felt compelled to move again. This time  we settled in the remote community of Sand Point, on Popof Island with a land mass only 10 miles long by 5 miles wide and situated south of the Aleutian Peninsula. During our three year stay, I had my second child and worked in the cannery, monitored a seismic station and eventually was employed as the city clerk and treasurer.                                                                                                                                                                                Inspired by this experience, I returned to college and eventually received a masters degree in natural resource management from the University of Alaska.  By this time, I had seven years of concurrent experience working for a state land management agency and was disenchanted with both bureaucracy and politics of resource development. So, I quit my job and launched a small business to make “something” to sell to tourist visiting Alaska.

Opportunity, hard work and a few art classes has lead to successful, self-supporting business that creates functional art.

Alaska’s amazing wilderness landscape and unique opportunities, both inspires and defines my life and art.